How we review, rank and choose our products

You may be wondering why we ranked your favourite product first or last, or why we it didn’t make our list at all.

Here’s a brief outline of what we look for and how a product makes it to top position.

We have developed a scoring system using the below criteria. The higher a product scores, the better it will rank against others. That doesn’t mean a product isn’t any good. It just means that against our criteria, we assess its not as good as others on the market.

Overall, what we want to see is an Australian owned and made product, that’s high quality and offers Australian consumers excellent value for money.

  1. Australian Owned and Manufactured

Generally, detox products made in Australia by an Australian company will score higher than others that are owned by overseas companies or manufactured in other countries.

This is because we believe in supporting the Australian economy by supporting 1463456135855Australian businesses. In addition, Australia has one of the highest standards of quality when it comes to health products. This is why countries like China import millions of dollars worth of Australian products.

You will find non-Australian products that make our top lists, however it would be unusual to find one that is ranked number one.

2. Value for Money

We don’t look for the cheapest of products. However, price does have a significant weighting when ranking products. More than anything we are looking for products that provide exception value for money, and are not priced because of brand name, but because of quality. For example, we are aware products that are Australian certified organic cost more to produce, so will of course be more expensive. Some consumers are willing to pay a higher premium for products like this. However, we must be able to see that the product is still good value comparative to the rest of the market.

3. Company Reputation

Detox products made by companies with a strong history of producing high quality products in Australia will score higher than those made by newly formed companies or companies with questionable reputation or have had brand damage.

4. Customer Feedback

Products that work, according to customer feedback on independent review sites and blogs, will of course score higher than products that have nil feedback or negative feedback. Products with a high number of negative comments will not feature on our blog at all.

5. Availability

Detox products that are available for purchase in a variety of stores, websites and eBay will score higher than those sold in one store or website. This is because it provides the Australian consumer an opportunity for a more competitive price and also makes shopping easier, catering to a range of channels of choice, whether they want to purchase online, or buy from a physical store.

Looking for a detox product? Check out our latest reviews here.

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