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Why We Started Detox Australia

Detoxing has become big bucks in the last few years, contributing significantly to the trillion dollar global natural health market.

One Google of the keyword “detox” brings up 145 million search results. This can be quite over whelming when first starting out wanting to learn about detoxing and detox products or programs. We also noticed quickly that all of the sites listed on the first page were either selling detox products or a very brief article from a generic health and beauty site, so finding out more detailed or specialised information isn’t possible.

Back in 2015, after graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Master Natural Therapies, our editor and main article writer Luke Ives took a real interest in the benefits detoxing has on one’s everyday health and the long term health results that can be achieved with educated detoxing practices.

This combined with knowing that Australians didn’t have readily available information on the hundreds of detox products coming onto the market gave Luke the idea to start a magazine style website or blog dedicated to everything detox – and just for Aussies!

How It Works?

Welcome to Detox Australia

Our Advertising

We hate advertising! There is nothing worse than annoying popup ads or auto-redirects to third party advertiser sites when trying to read an article, and many, many large news and educational websites have gone this route.

However, unlike other review sites, we don’t charge membership fees either. All our product reviews and articles are free to read, without any kind of registration on our site.

Unfortunately, we do need to cover costs such as web hosting and website design and article writing and product reviews which cannot all be done by one person. So to pay for a team of writers and product reviewers we have partnered with several large affiliate sales networks. What this means it that some of the products we recommend on our site may be linked to a company that pays us a very small referral fee (usually only 4% in most cases) if you purchase the product by clicking through our site.

Although we are not legally obliged to disclose this information, in the interest of being completely transparent to our followers, we wanted to let you know and hope that if you should wish to purchase our reviewed products that you would do so through our site so that we can benefit from the referral fee and continue to pay for quality, researched content free of charge.

We would also like to reiterate that the amount a company pays us, has absolutely no bearing on our assessment of that product when doing our review! In fact, our reviewers are not aware of the affiliate company commission rate for that product when doing the review, therefore it would not be a consideration anyway.


We are still very much in our infancy but you will quickly notice a lot of articles being uploaded over the coming weeks with then ongoing new articles every couple of days. We strongly urge you to sign up for our regular email updates on new articles, discounts and free shipping on detox products we recommend.

We would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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